I consider myself a storyteller. I employ shape, color, and spatial relationships as a vehicle to interpret the immense, the philosophical, the cognitive, and the mundane. Collected stories and images are processed and filtered until what remains are simple quietly poetic acts.  What emerges is a retelling in an attempt to gain insight, analyze, and search for a deeper understanding of my role within and reactions to the contemporary experience.

Lives and works in Indianapolis, IN 

He collects bones and rocks.




2004 - Bachelor of Fine Arts. School of the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston/USA


Solo & Two Person Exhibitions

2018 - Mural Project in downtown Indianapolis, IN - Sponsored by the Indianapolis Museum of Contemporary Art

2017 - LET ME BE, ROCKELMANN&, Berlin (with Fred Fleisher)

2017 - if this is as good as it gets, then I guess I am ok with that, Stuart & Co., Chicago (with megan Stroech)

2016 - Oh Jeffrey! (sigh, smile wide, heartbreak) VOLTA NYC, ROCKELMANN&

2013 - Pretending To Have It All Together Truly Is the Greatest Perversion  ROCKELMANN &, Berlin 

2012 - A Fake Beach and the Begining of the End Installtion at Jen Bekman Gallery, New York

2011 - My Savignon Blanc Isn’t Cold Enough and Other Things I Have Yelled For Attention, Galerie Open by Alexandra Rockelmann, Berlin

2007 - Dracula, a Snake, and Narcissus Walk Into a Bar, Galerie Open, Berlin

2006 - Heart of Gold and Other Expensive Things, Jen Bekman Gallery, New York


Group Exhibitions

2017 - Abstract Communication - Curated by Dan Halm, HERE Art Center,  New York

2016 - The Future Past - Curated by Anne Surak, Central State, Indianapolis

2015 - Finders Keepers, iMOCA (Indiananpolis Museum of Contemporary Art)


2014 - PULSE Miami Beach, ROCKELMANN &

2013 - Introduction, ROCKELMANN &, Berlin

2013 - ten, Jen Bekman Gallery, New York 

2011 - LA Poem at Photo LA with Galerie-Open by Alexendra Rockelmann

2009 - GLAAD Art Auction | 8.5 × 11

2006 - Meditations in an Emergency, Jen Bekman, New York

2006 - Our Greatest Hits, Jen Bekman, New York |

2006 - Summer Show, Galerie-Open, Berlin

2005 - Fashion Cares, Jeffrey of Atlanta, New York | The Pin Up Show Redux, Jen Bekman, New York |

2005 - Vendomat Installation project, Indianapolis Museum of Art, Indiana

2004 - The Pin Up Show, Jen Bekman, New York

2003 - Lingo, Oni Gallery, Boston | For Paris Hilton, See Gallery, Boston

2002 - Paintings, ESAD, Strasbourg, France



Collected Writings, 2013 

Catalog for Pretending To Have It All Together Truly Is the Greatest Perversion with essays: Control and Chaos Dr. Till FA Richter, 2013 / Search in the Opposite Barbara Rudiger, 2013